Friday, 11 November 2011

Slim-fit Chronicles #1; Shirting chinos...

Slim fit shirts are generally designed to be flattering and tailored for a smart and sophisticated silhouette. Intended to boost up your style, the fitted shirt fits a variety of body types and suits up the least stylish bloke in arrogant confidence... Many people rock the fitted shirt look to show off their trim physique and confidently-bold dress-sense. Hence this particular fit is a popular favourite with trend-setting men. The slim fit shirt takes the classic fit and gives it a contemporary tailored cut. The fitted finnish is created with additional contoured panels on either side. Inspired by a well-fitted jacket, slim fit shirts look great and are comfortable to wear. Various ways of styling yourself up either include rocking the shirt with a tie or open-necked, tucking it in or letting it all hang out... The perfect Summer essential as well are the slim fit chinos... Roll these slim fit chinos up and team with a plain white tee for easy style. In this instance, a fitted shirt is ideal for the outspokenly-trendy fashion statement.

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