Monday, 14 November 2011

Meggings (man-leggings); the ultimate metrosexual must-have!

This has most definitely been a great year for menswear. Men have actually stepped out of their comfort zones and the masses have - and still do - accepted the fact that guys are more confidently bold with regard to their respective dress senses... South African fashion has really come a long way; people are more experimental, open-minded, and the general consensus about what's hot/what's not is gradually being dictated by the underground fashionistas that practice international fashion trend-forecasting. This is too good for the South African fashion sense, menswear in particular more especially...
While the world perceives this new trend as ridicule, Steven Tyler has been rocking these "tight" bottoms, and has been picked up by couture designers and "tastemakers" in Europe in the process. Tights aren’t just for super heroes and glam rockers anymore! Over the past few years, influential designers like Calvin Klein, Marni, Givency, John Galliano, Bernhard Willhelm, and Alexander McQueen have all sent male models down the runway in meggings. Fashionistas are already calling it a full-on trend as comedian Russell Brand, Marc Jacobs, and British GQ senior editor Jonathan Heath have been spotted in the skinniest of pants. But is this new twist on the tight pant going to sit well with every Tom, Dick, and Harry? When Marc Jacobs sent Kanye West a pair of the Louis Vuitton graffiti print leggings he’d been wearing, Kanye sported them as a scarf.  Apparently even couture courageous Kanye is afraid to rock meggings... But like I always say; everything goes with confidence, you either have it or you don't.
As a matter of fact, men have been wearing pantyhose for as long as they have been around. In the middle ages only men wore tights as women primarily wore long dresses. This was the rule through the Renaissance, and the early years of America.
Meggings have blown up in Tokyo (and have been spotted in Paris, London, and New York), with men sporting them under shorts and with boots. My question though, is when will this kick-ass trend hit local soil? International designer labels such as Diesel (below) - including other leading designer labels - have raised the bar for the menswear fashion scene, which admittingly did need a little snug in that direction.
Irrespective of all the ignorant comments the general public has to pass regarding this historic style of dress, eventually the masses will adapt as they always do. In essence, fashion is sadly dictated by what the general public depicts as "socially acceptable" and this is powered by the trend at hand becoming an everyday norm. But until that day comes, I suggest everyone do their own fair share of research, if not, brace yourself and get schooled!


  1. Wow... This is dope enlightenment dude!!! So this will be the order of the day in the not so distant future? Right now, I am way to scared to rock these but if dared for a couple of bucks I'd rock dem now

  2. Now this is what i call classical..!!!

  3. Yes the new order of the day it is guys... The rate at which people adapt is scary!!! It's all a matter of how convincing and popular a particular trend is. The masses then follow and so forth. I'm just glad people out there do exist, thos like you who understand and are open to change...