Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It don't get more V.I.N.T.A.G.E than this!

The stylish truth and fashionable difference is pointed out when the gap between those in the industry, and the “average Joe’s”” is drawn out… I took a trip to Kitchener’s Carvery Bar in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, to have a chat with the world-renowned dance crew V.I.N.T.A.G.E, and what I deciphered was that confidence rules!!! Lebo from V.I.N.T.A.G.E feels that he does not feel like looking like anybody else, he does not dress because there is a certain trend out; the weather inspires his look for the day. LeeChe on the other hand is inspired by what his morning experiences are like… For instance, if he were to wake up to a Lady Gaga song, he’s outfit would be “futuristic” inspired… If he were to wake up to an Erykah Badu tune, he’d head wrap his physique for a full-on soulful look… Ultimately, his first experiences with the world would dictate his look for the day. Now that’s what I call “reasonable doubt”. The gap between those that are properly established within the industry, and “average Joe’s” like us, is evidently drawn by mass popularity status. LeeChe’s take on the topic is as follows; “Confidence”. Who you are as a person is a huge contributing factor… The world apparently does not exist with head twisted on like this. Lebo on the other hand states that attitude is everything!!! According to the East-Rand born extraordinaire, the world follows when one roams the streets with utter positivity. “One never looks as good as intended when that attitude lacks”, says Lebo from V.I.N.T.A.G.E… Essentially, individuality and creativity will always rule. This crew was formed not more than a year ago… And meeting each other on Facebook, they met Manthe (the fashion element that was introduced to the crew), and ever since, V.I.N.T.A.G.E has evolved and taken South African street culture to another level. From battles and international competition stages, this crew has defied the odds and has taken South African youth culture to new heights. Now there's a force to be reckoned with folks...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Union Flag steez

As we all know, the Union flag represents the UK, amongst other things... In this instance, it's an effortless reflection of London fashion, done South African street fashion-style. Beautiful, well executed, and daring the boundaries of public perception. This desrves a round of applause...
Notice the sleeveless leather jacket, complemented by the floral shirt and woodstock-like headband.
Velma then rocks a paneled frilly toe-lengthed skirt, accessorising the overall look with the classic gold Casio watch, and the Union flag handbag for the London street fashion feel. Beautiful!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gert Coetzee in jeans and sneakers... Who woulda thought?

Gert Johan Coetzee is one of South Africa's best most bold fashion designers and generally designs a lot of haute couture and contemporary high-fashion lines. GREATLY inspired by UK fashion (like me), Gert never loses his touch... This is him, on a normal weekday in Rosebank, @ The Zone. Thought I should add his mate in the picture, just so the poor chap wouldnt feel left out. SA represent!!!

Fashion No No's of Joburg Streets...

It's worst-case-scenarios like this that just give Joburg street culture a bad name, but then again, these okes do NOT look like their from Joburg anyway... Still unacceptable!!! Somebody get these dudes a mirror!!!