Thursday, 23 February 2012

Contrasting-colour Bottoms

I know this is an old trend and that colour-blocking's been discussed a while ago, but contrasting-colour bottoms highlight the bottom half of any silhouette. It really matters not how tall, skinny, short or fat one is, just as long as the outfit is well coordinated and that the bottoms themselves are appealing, everything SHOULD go well. Personally I honestly feel that the denim era on this particular subject at hand was overdone a few years ago. Now its time for trousers, chinos and jodhpurs to take the stage! Another cool trend I've noticed to make sense and complete a well-sought after look, is wearing trouser-design bottoms with retro-like sneakers (Converse All Stars)... This, well at least for me, balances out the feel one gets from checking out a smart outfit... Because essentially, no matter how rugged or smart one opts to look... There always has to be an element of a little edginess if the intended look is smart. With regard to contrasting-colour bottoms, the splash of colour adds that extra spunk a dull outfit needs. Works for me, has always worked for the old lady in Britain somewhere going through a mid-life crisis, and sure as hell WILL work for u. Well at least I'd like to think so...

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